Being born an African is all

No one needs to tell what’s love

Smiles looking down from every corn’r

In the hands of mama swinging to the hum

Growing up an African is fun

We in line match our elders’ home

With minds open the afternoon story anew

While the night stars watch us listen to the moon

Our grandma pots our eyes holds

Lips caressing the tongue with no taste yet of the sauce

She knew but her story kept on

Because with the tummy full comes our run 

Grandpa laps with amazement we watch

Motions he waves and roars as his legends stands

These stories were ours

Our ancestors beyond listening to their own with smiles

Papa was the strongest

And mama knows best

Papa our sleepy head lifts under the starry night

And to mama we run as worries stare us nigh

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  1. You are really Great bro..
    I really wish you know how amazingly your work is.. You are Wonderful!

    Wazinga ·
  2. This is lit man keep it up

    Jadon ·
  3. Am black

    Damian ·
  4. black is the ID

    donmark ·
  5. Nice write up cally

    Chirs okoye ·
  6. bro till we reach there

    donmark ·
  7. My dear keep it up ok….The Lord got ur back.

    Bernard ·
  8. Am proud being a black. Kudos to you

    Emperor ·

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