Sales people are on the highest in our society yet they are sales people barely making ends meet, barely making enough money to pay their bills, while there are sales people making income versus those sales people who earn low income.

What’s the difference, well today I’m going to teach you, three powerful factors that will affect you, how much you earn and how much income you can generate as a salesperson, a closer or a sales professional. Basically if you want to increase your income then you need this article. Now the very first factor that can affect your sale is the transactions size,  one of the reason my team specialize on high ticket sales is because that affect how much money you make as a closer, think about this, if you’re selling something for a $100, you need to make a lot of sales to make a six figure income.

Yet if you’re selling something for $1000, $2000 you don’t need to make a lot of those sales, to make a very good income, you see to become a higher paid sales professional you need to consider what you’re Selling, what is the ticket size, let’s say if you’re getting paid based on commission let’s say your common is 10% you need to talk to a lot of prospect to make Any significant income.

So you have to consider the ticket stage, now let’s assume you’re selling high ticket, the next thing we need to do is to lead flow. Now as a salesperson I don’t care how amazing you are, as a closer, or how high your closing ratio is, if you’re not talking to enough prospects guess what. You’re not going to get paid,  the consistency and the quality of the leads is extremely critical to how much money you earn.

So that’s what lead flow is,  I want you to think about it in terms of sales,  there are two types of salespeople. The first is the prospects, they go out there and they do outbound and co-calling and they are doing prospecting, maybe in some cases, they are the appointment centers, those types of sales professionals don’t mane a lot of money, because that’s not where the money is.

And then you have the closers,  these people are the ones who goes in and they close the deal,  they are the ones who make it happen, they are the rain makers,  the closers within the sales world. They are the ones to make the most amount of money because you don’t make money prospecting, you don’t make money because you get a lead,  you make money only when you close a sale.

I want you to think about this,  imagine that you are running a relay race with Usain bolt and you’re among his team. And as he runs, he hands you the baton and you finish and cross the line.

Right there you’re on the same team against any other teams,  so I want to ask you this question, when you take that baton and you cross that finish line who gets all the glory, who gets all the applause, who wins.

Now in this business world, in the sakes world, there so many companies out there that they are training for the race,  that they are conditioning for the race,  that they are doing the marketing  and then just at the last line they need a closer to come and help finish it and cross the finish line.

And that’s where you come in as a professional sales person, that when you come in, you help them cross that finish line. Even though they have done 99 percent of the work and you come in and do the 1% that truly matters, that makes all the difference in the world and then you get compensated very well.

So there you have it lead flow,  consistency, quality where are you at? Are you the sales person or the people that just help them with prospecting and do that first 10%, 20%, 30% or are you the salesperson that comes and he’ll them do the 1% closing that truly matters.

So that’s basically what high ticket closing is all about, coming there and you helping them do that 1% you Help them cross that finish line.

The third one is that you have a closing ratio,  when it comes to closing ratio, it depends on what you do,  a lot of people talk about sales being a numbers game.  You have to talk to a lot of people, get a lot of rejection and hopefully you’ll get some yes,  that’s the old model, that model doesn’t work.

So instead of closing one out of a hundred, you have to understand a sales professional as s closer, your most valuable asset is your time and your time is limited, if you only have 24 hours a day sb( you’re not on the phone.

So if you’re setting high tickets and you’re selling something that’s at premium proud you don’t need a lot of transactions, you just need to make a lot of sales to make very high income.

So I want you to look at the closing ratio, instead of closing 1/100  why don’t you close 1/10 .You see how that can affect how much you earn as a salesperson, so those three factors in terms of closing ration instead of doing prospecting, you’re closing for companies, you’re closing for an entrepreneur, you’re closing for a product and service that nobody wants or you’re talking to leads and prospects that are not properly qualified.

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