When sales objections come how do you handle sales objections when you’re with your clients, now if you follow my work, you’ll know I’m not a fan of the traditional sales methods, from time to time there’s one or two techniques that I keep on my tool belt.

Today I want to share one of those with you and that’s it,  so let me give you a bit of context, let’s say you’re talking to a prospect and you’re getting resistance, they’re giving you objections, almost martial arts.

They’re throwing a lot of punches at you and giving you reasons why they’re not taking actions today, and they’re giving you a lot of objections, so instead of fighting force with force what you want to do is kind of do a little bit of redirection and the way you do that is through what I call the 3f method, and that is feel, felt, found.

Now very simple, what you want to do is first of all whenever you get resistance and they give you objections first you need to have empathy, don’t fight,  don’t argue,  just say “You know what, I understand how you feel,  other felt the same way and here’s what I’ve found.

Now what you don’t want to do is sounding like a robot, that’s not what I’m talking about, it’s a formula, so doing the feel phase, you can say something like,  I understand your concerns if I were in your shoes, I would have similar concern as well,  I can see where you’re coming from I understand.

The thing is you don’t neccesity have to use the feel word but it’s a step and that is empathy.

Step 2 which is felt,  now it could be you felt the same way or other customers had the same concern and here’s the conclusion of what I’ve found Is this.

So let me quickly demonstrate, let me give you an example maybe I’m talking to a friend and I’m trying to persuade them, let’s say I want to convince them to take vitamins, very simple idea and I’ll say no I never take vitamins “I never believe in those things and you say “hey man you know what I understand, I totally get it”

I use to believe in the same thing I don’t take, I need vitamins, I get enough nutrition just from the day to day food.

And what I realize is there’s actually many types of vitamins and when you take the right vitamins such as this brand and when I take it what I found is every morning I usually have more energy throughout the day.

Then I’m more focused, then I’m more productive than before my mind is more clear and I get sick less,  just by talking this couple of vitamins, you see how the feel, felt and found works.

Let me give you another example,  let’s sat you offer digital marketing services to traditional business owners and they don’t know much about digital marketing or social media.

They’re still doing the old school type of marketing and let’s say you want to close them on your digital marketing services and they say to you,  no I don’t believe in this social media things and all the things like I don’t understand How it works, I don’t think they even work.

“hey Mr business owner,  I know exactly where you’re coming from, if I was in your shoes,  I would watch every single dollar that I spend on marketing because in a small business every single dollar counts but what I’ve found from other business owners is first They didn’t quite understand how the whole thing works but having the experience where sometimes people will give you an the internet and they came into your store and they busy your business and then they ask you “how did you find us,  it it’s through the internet. So you’re already getting customers by accident,  so imagine what would happen if you come up with a plan and strategically have your website More optimized, bring able to run certain ads on Facebook or on Google that will bring you more customers, so every single customer that comes in its not an expense for you,  it’s an investment, if you invest s dollar, you get 3 dollars back,  so that’s how the feel, felt,  found works.

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