On a starry night have I lied gazing
Not upon just any but a shooting star
It was my lucky one
And I guess it was ahead what I feel

I hate love stories
And pray not to be caught up in a scene
I just hope the act is fiction
Or rather lemme be a villain to love

But! but is just an excuse to reason
Well! well is an agreement to what the heart feels
I don’t like either
So whatever falls to commitment I’m away

In that story
Not the love but the truth have I dwelled
To express my fears and path
With my heart loosing its weight

Call me strange call it fate
I’ve been twisted across a line a hope not cross
Not I’ve been on multiple choices
And a wrong call should be a game start

Can you pick all of a broken pieces
Can you repair a broken mirror
Can you give or take it all
I only hope everything be true

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