Once a Time

On that lonely journey from my couch
On a drifted night my mind was apart
Not apart from my thought
But far off the road I thread
My steps don’t count
Though thousands are made
Only ahead If I could see
A world up there waiting for me

God save this thought for later
For someday with one will I share
With one looking up straight to hear
How far I staggered through storms
Then gloriously would I review
Those chains I broke – pains I endured – lanes I walked through and me I was
For these thoughts would I tell

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  1. The tale of a tell…
    Writing makes a man, keep writing!

    Polycarp Atuegwu ·
  2. #we_mean_it_Bro

    Cals_Credence ·
  3. Keep up bro… U ar mentor

    Henry Emeka ·

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