By: Anthony Mmesoma Egbonu

Chisom, We were here
Swaying to the flutes
Smoke from cauldrons
Songs of maidens

Oh! A new dawn
Another three six five
Ifediora brought kola
Agnes at the crossover

Run, One two
Billows of smoke
Shades of grey
Blood and bones

O ye trumpet from the east
Nations toppled and fell
Mongolian waves
Tore us apart

Nkechi packed her wares
Ahmed locked his ranch
Wilbur’s birds perched
Columbus was dismayed

A Dirge echoed from the west
Reaper still thrives
Who needs pallbearers?
Cadavers multiply

Verily, We see no more
The cloaked preacher
The overambitious monk
The skillful sportsman

Invaluable maids in white
Wear imaginary capes
With magical fingers
gods in human form

Riri, I see doom
Without the cleanser
The Halloween mask
The basin of water

Uvie’s black family
Felt safe
The yellow genie
Spares no one

So Fear not Child
Dawn approaches
We’ll rise again


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