If you don’t have a process to sell, then you don’t have a proven process to a skill, Today I’m going to give you some tips and steps that you can use to improve your sales process.

Now everything I’m saying I’m coming from experience, speaking from my own business experience , so when it comes to sales process you see most companies, they don’t have a clear defined process of Joe money is made, hoe cash Is flowing, how do you improve that sales process, so today let me give you a simple process, but before I continue, you have to understand that when it comes to the sales process, they are 5 steps. you have the sales process we also have the buyer Journey.

So you have the process coming form the company, the seller, the closer’s perspective and you also have to understand also from the consumer and buyers perspective.

What are the journey that they experience, so let’s talk about The steps. The first step is what I call, prospecting or less generation, now this varies depending on what you do but let’s assume that the way you generate leads right now is by co-calling prospecting, going out there and bringing people in, that’s perfectly fine, or you’re a little bit more sophisticated, you have a marketing campaign, you gave some marketing in place to bring in people , that’s more lead generation, you’re generating value to the market place, whether in the form of contact marketing, running blogs, or even running ads, what Ever you do it doesn’t matter it’s prospecting/lead generation.

Then from the buyers perspective what you’re doing is just trying to get some awareness, the buyer and potential customer don’t know that you exist yet, they want to use this step to just make them aware.

Now the next step in the sales process is called qualifying the least now, how do you qualify the leads, you want to qualify the prospect in terms of these things: needs, time, money and decision making.

Now from the buyers journey you have what I call, engagement, at this stage their just engaging with your product and services, your company and organization, they basically just want to find a little bit more.

Before they don’t know you now they’re aware, now they’re talking that first initial step maybe by requesting more additional info, they’re just basically taking the next step to engage.

Now the third step is what I call demonstrating value,  now how do you demonstrate value, many it’s to walk them through how you’re software works. Giving them a demo, maybe it’s to invite them to attend a virtual training with you.

Maybe it’s to initiate then. To w live events, how ever it is how you want to do it but it must be to demonstrate value, it’s to present what you can do for the prospect.

Now from the buyers journey it becomes interest, because now you’re engaging,, they’re not actually interested in the products or services, you have to understand what the buyer is going through If you want to close them.

The fourth step is to negotiate and close, now you have to close the deal,  this is where you discuss the terms, payment plans, financing and length of service. At this stage you’re negotiably back and forth, I’m not taking about proposal, here I mean the actual agreement and how you close that sale.

From. The buyers journey now it’s commitment, now  the buyer is moving forward and then you discuss hoe exactly how’ll you’ll do business and then the last step in which I believe is the most important step is the delivery and fulfilment.

So now you’ve closed the sales, you’ve qualified the leads, how are you going to deliver the do it comes that you promised to the prospect, because it’s with the delivery that you get the referrals that’s how you get referrals, that’s how you get the repeat business. the problem with most organizations is that they only focus on the first couple of steps , negotiation and closing but what they don’t know is the sales doesn’t stop after you close, in fact the sales starts after you close the prospect.

And from the buyers journey, that’s what I call experience, and that’s the last step, what’s the experience you’re providing for the buyer and this is extremely critical because you’ve done all the work,  so don’t screw it up in the last step.

So how do you improve your sales process, let me give you a more practices example, let’s say you’re running ads on Facebook or on instagram basically on social media platform and you’re just trying to get attention. You’re basically saying “hey click on my ads here’s what I can do for you”

What you’re doing in the lead generation wanting to generate some leads , you’re trying to get some awareness, in the market place,  now the minute the buyer and potential customer clicks on the ads, they go to step no 2, which is engagement that’s when they enter your landing page, now at this stage they want to see what you can do what’s your promise.

What are you giving away maybe it’s a free e-book, maybe it’s an invitation what ever it is it doesn’t matter, yoi43 qualifying the leads.

Now the next step is you want to demonstrate value, hypothetically let’s at you’re inviting them to a free weenie in that webinar you’re demonstrating what you can do. You’re giving them social proof,  you’re explaining, what it’s like to do business with your company.

Now they go from engagement to interest, if they sit through with the entire presentation or the entire weenie guess what they’re interested.

So from there you can go to demonstrate value to now negotiate and close, so let’s sat at the end of the weenie your call if action is to book a call with one of your closers, so then your closing with the mindset if finding your prospects needs and close then on the phone.

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