It was on the afternoon of November, 15 1884
Somewhere around the world in Berlin
They divided us amongst themselves
This very act was spare headed by Otto van Bismarck.

They sat around a horse-shoe table in a room
With each representative from the European countries ready to devour us like a Rowling lion.

Each delegate hunched over a map armed with ruler and pencils sketching our national borders.
All this they did, not for our own very benefit rather on the accord of fulfilling their own selfish desires.

This for once never initiate European colonization of Africa
Rather a way of scrambling us amongst themselves
To make matters worst most African leaders both present and past has sold out our respect and dignity,like Esau sold his birthright because of a pot of porridge.

Making us lost our reverence and veneration
It is no longer a thing of shock that our glory is lost
The sun will rise and we will try again.

♤♤♤Xtopher Okonkwo ♤♤♤

Photo: Tales of Africa

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  1. I read it ten times. A poet in whose writings the prison wall falls.

    Okoye Johnpaul ·

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