The best thing about being a sales professional is there’s no ceiling to your income, it means that the better you are at sales, the better your closing ratio, the more money you’re going to make, so as a  sales professional , we should always strive to be better so we can earn more and I believe as a sales professional we kind of go through 3 stages.

The first is what I call learning, you have to learn sales, you have to learn the art of closing , most sales guys and salespeople, they’ve never learnt how to sell,  their philosophy when it comes to sales is:they just wait to see how it works, they get rejections and objections and don’t know how to close the sales, but they never take the time to learn how sales work,  the basis of human psychology, the basis of language, how do you ask questions, how do you find the needs, how do you close the sales, how do you ask got the order, they never learn how to do that,  and that’s amazing to think about this professionals do it daily selling talking to customers talking to prospects but they never learn how to do it.

It’s like you’re a chef but you never learn how to cook that’s what I’m talking but because of ease kg entry,  the low bit of entry a lot of sales people just get into it and think they’ll just learn it as they go and learn from mistakes, well there’s nothing wrong with that method. But experience has shown it can be very costly, so that’s level one learning.

Then you need to master it, now when I say master it, I mean you need to have some kind of system that you follow, In the beginning, maybe you need to get some kind of scripts,  and one of the things that my team and I offer is the perfect closing script.

You can her some kind of script and memorize it, first master it, then what you need to do is: you need to role play, you need to role play with other people, and other sales professional to home your skills to practice it and Sharpen that axe, because the last thing you want is to go out here Into the market place and then use the script, practice it and then you end up spending like a robot.

So the best way to do that is to remove fear or to reduce the fear of rejection and then think about it, if you get one or two rejections and you feel so hurt. But through role play, after you’ve gone in a 100, 200 basically a sales simulation , after you’ve gotten through a number of those, you don’t feel anything, you wonder what the problem is, so learn it master it and then the last step is that you Need to forget it, you need to forget the script, now you’re not reading, you’re not memorizing, you’re just in flow,  so when you’re talking to prospect,  you have to internalize all the trainings,  that you’ve done,  you have to internalize the learning now it becomes part of what you are and you’re not doing some kind of sales techniques.

This is she you are, your identity, so when you close it’s easier to flow,  and then you develop your own style, everyone is a little bit different, someone might have a certain level of closing, a certain style of closing that works for them.  That’s great, some people might have different level or style of closing that works for that person that’s perfectly fine, you have to develop your own thing so,  you have to learn it, master it then you forget it,  thus whole process might take a few years.

To learn it might take 2-3 months, and that’s what my team train people to do, to master it might take a couple of years, just to master anything, it takes a little bit if time and patience.

Then you get to the point where you internalize, you then get to the point where you become what I call unconscious confidence.

When you go that throughout this process you scale high and that I believe is the proven path to become a sales professional.

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