Till I’m done…..

Let’s be clear I trust no one
give you a chance
that I could do
only you would open your soul to me
your eyes fade I would tell
Play me for hell I would learn

[thought……… ]
To play my head is what I’ve always condoned cus I’m an idiot per your thoughts.
Do you know boys cry, I don’t think you get. *I don’t, I only smile and turn when I’m hurt so you won’t see the rain drop* …..I’m  a fool

Shoot shoot shoot I’m not dead yet
Lie lie tell it I’m not offended yet
Slice slice  my spirit holds
The echoes don’t hurt yet
I’m a god to feelings
Point taken the note is clear

[thought…………… ]
I’m a god to feelings cus I always know what to feel in every mood I tend to find my self.
People think of doing their worse,  I think of doing my best to make them comfortable with their feelings. Shoot me but you can’t murder me. *I’m a god’s to feelings, I hope you get that*

Not to be pitied neither should you care
I got this
I’m doing everything for me
I just need to be strong
till I’m done
let’s be clear I trust no one

[thought…………. ]
I don’t trust you, yes you all.
I don’t think you worth it till you change my thoughts on you. Make me see you as you and don’t feign it.
I don’t and can’t trust you till you are you.


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  1. Nice. Keep it up

    Madu Ifenna ·

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