You know my feelings have been tested
And my heart beats for the cause
In there I feel like I’m being wasted
Even though I know I can’t be cursed

You took my hands and walked miles
Leaving me on a lonely path with whom
In darkness I’m lost to my thoughts
But all is fine since you feign ignorant

I don’t wish to think what I think
Because I am on a slide to a journey
Thinking if my return would shatter me
Or if my pieces would be kept to peace

Don’t be like that though I have no say
Don’t act like you see me like everyone else
I might be a guy but not like ones you know
I’m just that lonely soul calling on hope

Don’t make me feel this hope is not home
Don’t make me embrace an empty space
Don’t make me smile back at a smiley
But let me cling to a soul that sees me…….


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