Sales and marketing should be on one of the most critical debates, what do I mean by that. You know this critical debates that you have when people say wha5 matters the most, for example quality or quantity, offence matters more than defense or peanut butter matters more than jelly, now that’s a critical one.

Well today in this article, we’re going to be talking about the Moet important one, between sales and marketing.

Why I decided to write about this is because there’s this notion in business, that the only way you and I can win,  we have to be marketers, first we have to be sales first,  ignoring the reality , there has been so many CEO’e who has won in life,  and there so many different types if CEO’s that have won in life,  let me explain to you what I mean by that,  if you go back in the days of CEO’S that have won in life and there so many different types of CEO’s that have won in life.

Let me explain to you what I mean by that, if you go back in the days of the CEO’s in business, During the likes of Ray kroch he was a sales guy right, we have Sam Walton Walmart, a sales guy and then to the marketer are Steve jobs who was s product developer, Richard Branson a marketer, Jeff Bezos a marketer and this process have been talking place,  social media has been changing the game,  now we don’t need to be any good in sales for us, however it also depends on the industry you’re part of, certain industries no matter what you do, sales are critical, life ensuring like I’m in that business no matter how good at a job you do at marketing, a life insurance policy always has to be sold, when was the last time you woke up and decided you were going to buy life insurance? No one ever does that.

So I want you readers to have in mind that there’s nothing you read today,  whether marketing or sales that’s a 100% applicable to every single industry. So having said that let’s dive into the difference between sales and marketing.

  1. Asking and story telling: So here’s one way to look at the difference between sales and marketing, sales is about asking questions, marketing is about story telling, let me explain to you what I mean by that, sales is going to a business and ask questions like, “Mr John how many employees do you have? How much data you have about them and th8ngs like that, you ask 20-30 questions gather data and then you make your recommendation and he either buys or he doesn’t buy with the three options you gave, that’s asking questions.

Meanwhile on the marketing sides it’s basically about story telling here’s an example of story telling, “My name is John, I own a business, I have a thousand employees, I caught myself spending so much time with the computer and technology because our system are so slow,  then comes Joe from IBM, he say down with me, he showed my what we do, we changed the system, we brought up the memory we ended up saving and our speed went from 48 seconds to 17 seconds, thanks to IBM “that’s marketing.

The second difference is that sales is math while marketing is art, while been is good but maths is logical,  3+3 =6, this is the Pythagoras theorem, A² + B²= C², This is the Trigonometry, Now no one leaves a math class saying, I can’t wait to go home and tell my mum about this emotional moment I just had in mathematical analysis, I just connected because it reminded me of my family, No one does that because it’s logical right.

Now how about the drama at music,  you sit there and In the class room,  Mary goes up in drama class, she does an act. And then you sit there like OMG, I cried,  you go home, you tell your mum and share the experience. You can experience art and drama music bit you don’t experience math because it’s logical but effective but one you share one you don’t.

The third difference is sales is about flirting and maths is about attraction. Sales is flirting in the sense that when a guy wants to go to a girl at a night club,  he walks up to her and ask “Can I buy you a drink?” you look good”that’s sales,

Marketing gets attraction, she comes up to you and talks to him now how do you do that.  Let’s take Kris in my team, I know Kris very well I’ve know him since he was 18 years old,  Kris has strong muscles, he’s good looking, he’s a nice guy,  he’s got a big heart he works very hard and woman will be lucky to date a guy like Kris,  that’s what you call marketing ‘s Kris sending you to a message saying you look good you want to go out, cab you see the difference.

The fourth tip us dealing with rejection, now this is based on working with a lot of sales people and how they’re driven ‘s marketers.

Sales people gets over rejections quickly, you reject them they’re over it,  they’ve forgotten, they don’t even know eha5 happens at least somebody that’s been in sales for sometimes.

But marketers oh my God,  if you say one thing about their marketing strategy, they’re sensitive why is that?  Because they’re more creative, creative people are generally more sensitive to criticism ‘s sales people,  sales people are like I’m going to move on but these guys can take a person and it’s hurt them s lot,  so whatever you’re trying to give them feedback, it’s going to be slightly different than when you’re given sales people.

The fifth difference is sales people are linear but marketers are exponential, if you’re a CEO,  running a business and you didn’t reach your numbers last quarter, if you want immediate result to hit your quarter, the next quarter you drive sales, it’s all sales because it’s immediate, but if everything is going good, your numbers are looking good and you want to have an incredible next year, you have to focus on marketing, let me explain to you from my personal experience, last July 2017, we sold 4,800 insurance policies in one month this July we sold 4,599 in one month, it wasn’t just sales we drove marketing, we had marketing campaign we had to think about it a year and a half to exponentially grow, then we focused on this, so sakes drives linear marketing drove exponential.

The sixth is the capitalizing and generalizing one of the conversation you’ll have about in business is about attracting the leads no matter what amount it leads, marketing is about generating those leads and this guy gets a lead thus markets it and sells it, but on the other side marketing brings leads,  they’re not growing left and right because marketing campaign are coming to you rather than you going to them.

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